About Me

I first started researching my Family Tree in the early seventies.

After a long gap I took it up again in 1996 when I joined the Rugby Family History Group, for which I am now Webmaster and Projects Co-ordinator.

Although I am still interested in my other ancestral families, BURRELL, KNIGHTS, EVERARD as well as HANCOCK and FLETCHER, I became more involved with my paternal MADDER ancestors.

In 2009 I joined the Guild of One-Name Studies and registered the official Madder One-Name Study.

I am also a member of Rugby Local History Research Group.

Apart from family and local history, my main interests are gardens – my own and visiting others and painting.

When I can find the time I enjoy reading – mostly historical fiction.

I am married with two sons and one grandson




  1. I found your blog about the Bomber Boy to be most interesting. I am from a family of 5 Madders who were born and raised 30 miles from Brandon and we have never heard of any other Madders in the area. You do not mention where you are located, but we are having a Madder reunion in Winnipeg in 2 weeks and information like this is very interesting to all. Thank you for sharing your research.

    • Glad you enjoyed the blog.
      I assume the reunion is the one organised by Vicki Madder. I am in contact with her and other members of the family.
      Unfortunatly I cannot attend as I live in England, but I am writing a brief history for her to pass on to anyone interested.
      Her (and your?) branch is not the same as mine and the Bomber Boy – they split nearly three hundred years ago!
      You can read a bit about one of your ancestors in my post Samuel the Soldier.
      If you want to contact me direct, you can do so through my website http://www.madder-roots.co.uk
      I look forward to hearing from you.

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